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Apex Pro Scooters is an Australian brand that has really made a name for themselves over the course of the past few years. It seems like they practically exploded onto the scene almost overnight, which is a great thing for us because they are currently designing and manufacturing some of the highest quality freestyle scooter products on the market. With that being said, it is only right that we keep a steady stream of fresh Apex product flowing into Pro Scooter Shop, which is exactly what we have done. The Apex Pro Scooters decks have just landed back in the...

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As most of you already know, Black is a color, or should I say shade? that never goes out of style. You can beat it up quite a bit or get it dirty, with out ever having to worry about it looking too terrible. On top of that, black is definitely one of sleekest looking color options out there, which is why we at Pro Scooter Shop thought that it is important to remind you of some of our extremely stylish black scooter decks that we have in stock. Scooter decks, much like the color black, will stand the test...

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Madd Gear Action Sports is one of those brands that certainly manufactures some of the best complete pro scooters in the entire freestyle scooter industry, but one thing that we at Pro Scooter Shop bet that none of you knew about them is the fact that they also manufacture some pretty killer decks. In fact, the Madd Gear MFX deck is one of the sweetest deck designs that we have in stock. Not to mention that fact that from an aesthetic stand point, it is nothing short of a thing of pure beauty. Its intricate design, extremely durable material, and...

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The Washington freestyle scooter community is enriched with scooter riders of all kinds of different riding styles and skill levels. Some of them have had the luxury of reaching pro status, while many others have earned sponsorship opportunities with freestyle scooter companies from all over the world. We at Pro Scooter Shop believe in celebrating these local shredders because of their dedication to the growth of Washington's freestyle scooter community, as well as, their contributions to the sport at large. Some of the riders that we choose to support by carrying their signature products include: Jessee Ikedah, Bayley Maxcy, Blake...

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When you have worn down, cracked, or broken your current pro scooter deck and are anxiously looking to purchase a new one, it is important to take a few things into consideration first. It is essential that you base your decision off of your experiences with the scooter decks that you have ridden in the past. What did you like about each deck? What did you hate about each deck? Also, more importantly, what is your price range? These are all things worth considering while deciding what your next deck will be!     Scooter decks range in size, shape,...

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