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Proto Scooters has played a pivotal role in the progression of freestyle scooter components over the course of the last several years, which has allowed them to innovate in ways that many other freestyle scooter brands would have never thought possible. With that being said, Proto's premium selection of clamps and compression have essentially earned their spot as some of the most groundbreaking freestyle scooter components in the entire industry. When the Proto SCS compression system initially reached the forefront of the freestyle scooter community, no one really knew how to respond, which is why you see such an overwhelmingly amount of them being ridden by some of the top professional scooter riders in the world. Anyways, Pro Scooter Shop has got you covered on any and all of your Proto clamp needs, so before you go visit those other guys, be sure to stop by Pro Scooter Shop and see if we have what you need. Proto double clamps, Baby SCS, and SCS compression system are all currently available at Pro Scooter Shop, and they all come in multiple different color options, as well. Be sure to come get yours today, while supplies still last.

Pro-Tec Helmets | Pro Scooter Shop

If you want to be able to safely learn how to be doing all of the crazy freestyle scooter stunts that the professional riders are doing than you're going to need to get in the habit of protecting your noggin, and the best way to do that is by rocking a helmet whenever you step on your scooter. Head protection is hands down one of the most important parts of any extreme sport because the human head is one of the most vulnerable parts of the body. Luckily, we over here at Pro Scooter Shop are firm believers in the fact that every scooter rider should be wearing a helmet at all times, which is why we carry such a great selection of Pro-Tec helmets that are the perfect size, shape, and color no matter what your head protection needs may be. So the next time that you come into Pro Scooter Shop to make your freestyle scooter product purchases, be sure to keep in mind that you can also satisfy all of your head protection needs by picking up your very own Pro-Tec Helmet for the affordable price of just $39.99, or you can also pick up one of the brand new Street Lite helmets, which features entirely new, extremely lightweight technology, for the price of $59.99.


Ride What Winners Ride | Pro Scooter Shop

For those of you who didn't get the memo about Washington's recent freestyle scooter competition, "The Muk Games" just took place at the YMCA skate park in Mukilteo, Washington, and the event ended up being a huge success! The weather held up great, and everything was very well organized in terms of judging, prizes, and giveaways. On top of all of that, We at Pro Scooter Shop sponsored the whole event, which is all the more reason why all of you you guys who missed out on the fun need to be sure to make it out next year. Anyways, now that you understand the scope of the event, it's time to talk about Havoc Pro Scooters and their commanding presence in the competition. Three of Havoc Pro Scooters team riders somehow managed to walk away with the top three podium spots in the pro competition, which is no simple feat to accomplish. Each and every single one of them gave it their all and their hard work certainly paid off because they took home the first, second, and third place prizes. So now that all of you know exactly what kind of scooters winners ride, our only question for you is why aren't you riding Havoc Scooters? We currently have the Havoc Storm, Descendant, and the Artemis complete pro scooters in stock at Pro Scooter Shop, so ride like a champion and come get yours today.


Apex Decks | Pro Scooter Shop

Apex Pro Scooters is an Australian brand that has really made a name for themselves over the course of the past few years. It seems like they practically exploded onto the scene almost overnight, which is a great thing for us because they are currently designing and manufacturing some of the highest quality freestyle scooter products on the market. With that being said, it is only right that we keep a steady stream of fresh Apex product flowing into Pro Scooter Shop, which is exactly what we have done. The Apex Pro Scooters decks have just landed back in the shop and we could not be more excited to share this news with all of you young shredders out there.This deck is a thing of pure beauty, designed with the ultimate shape, weight balance, and specifications necessary to land whichever tricks your hearts may desire. The Apex deck comes in two different color options, including Turquoise and Polished, and it is currently available at Pro Scooter Shop for the very affordable price of just $291.99. Be sure to snag yourself one today while supplies last. Also, be sure to check out the full list of specifications that the Apex deck comes equipped with below.

  • Apex Custom 6082 Australian Aluminum Extrusion
  • Head tube Angle : 82.3
  • Length 580mm (22.83)
  • Width 14.3mm (4.5)
  • Weight 1235 & 1285 grams (depending on length)
  • Integrated Deck
  • TIG Hand Welded
  • Post Weld Heat Treated to T6
  • All components are CNC machined and bent
  • Anodized  Turquoise Only
  • Laser Etched
  • Rails for stability for grinding
  • Flat sides for finger whips
  • Extra Space between the wheel and deck


Black Scooter Decks | Pro Scooter Shop

As most of you already know, Black is a color, or should I say shade? that never goes out of style. You can beat it up quite a bit or get it dirty, with out ever having to worry about it looking too terrible. On top of that, black is definitely one of sleekest looking color options out there, which is why we at Pro Scooter Shop thought that it is important to remind you of some of our extremely stylish black scooter decks that we have in stock. Scooter decks, much like the color black, will stand the test of time, so investing in a black scooter deck is potentially the greatest thing that you could ever do for your scooter. There is also such a wide variety of different shapes, sizes, styles, and brands of black scooter decks that finding the right one for you shouldn't be too difficult. below is a selection of a few of our excellent models of black scooter decks. Be sure to check them out and keep them in mind for the next time that you make your next scooter deck purchase. You will never go wrong with a classic black look.

As the name implies, Pandemonium can ensue with this bad boy from Ethic DTC.  Black never goes out of style.


Gorgeous top and bottom.  Just how we like 'em, right?  Blake Bailor signature deck from Lucky Scooters.

Phoenix ION is no slouch.  No nonsense 21"x4.5" profile.


Big.  Black.  Industrial.  TSI Paramount.


The Muk Games | Pro Scooter Shop

The Muk Games are slowly sneaking up on all of us as they are right around the corner. Don't forget to save the date because you definitely don't want to miss out on the full day of shredding and competing in the sun, for a chance to win some awesome prizes. The Scooter industry's favorite master of ceremonies, Jake Hershey will be announcing at the event, and plenty of beginner, amateur, and professional level riders will be there riding their hearts out for an opportunity to take home some of our awesome prizes. Tell your family and tell your friends because this awesome event only comes around once a year. Also, don't forget that you need to register online ahead of time, and you also have the option register with us at Pro Scooter Shop. We can't wait to see all of you young shredders there!  

Madd Gear MFX Deck | Pro Scooter Shop

Madd Gear Action Sports is one of those brands that certainly manufactures some of the best complete pro scooters in the entire freestyle scooter industry, but one thing that we at Pro Scooter Shop bet that none of you knew about them is the fact that they also manufacture some pretty killer decks. In fact, the Madd Gear MFX deck is one of the sweetest deck designs that we have in stock. Not to mention that fact that from an aesthetic stand point, it is nothing short of a thing of pure beauty. Its intricate design, extremely durable material, and thoroughly well distributed weight leaves you with one of the finest freestyle scooter decks on the market, and it also comes available in several different color options, including: Oil Slick, Black, Nickel, and Chrome. All of which are quite elegant color options in their own right. The Madd Gear MFX deck is currently available at Pro Scooter Shop for the very affordable price of just $149.99, but these bad boys are moving rather quickly, so be sure to come snag yourself one today. Also, be sure to check out the full list of specifications that the Madd Gear MFX deck comes equipped with below:

-4.5" Wide & 20" Long MFX Aircraft Grade Aluminum
-MFX Cutaway and Headtube Cutout
-3D Forged Patented MGP Downtube
-Composite Blitz Brake
-Axle and Spacers Included

Youth Gone Wild Bars | Pro Scooter Shop

Youth Gone Wild is a brand that has been making some major waves in the freestyle scooter industry most recently, but not because of their phenomenal team of riders, or because they have some cool image that is intertwined with the purchasing of their products. Youth Gone Wild has been gaining so much notoriety because of the quality of their actual products themselves. More specifically, they are gaining notoriety because of their groundbreaking innovations with the use of Titanium material to manufacture their bars with. They have essentially broken new ground in the freestyle scooter industry with this innovation because no other scooter brand has had the audacity to even attempt to manufacture any scooter products using Titanium. The most beautiful aspect of Titanium is the fact that the material is so lightweight, while still maintaining a remarkable amount of strength and durability, which is going to turn the entire freestyle scooter industry on its head. We at Pro Scooter Shop are very stoked to announce that we currently have all of Youth Gone Wild's Titanium scooter bar designs in stock for the price of $299.99! These guys are a little bit pricier than most freestyle scooter bars on the market because of the cost of the Titanium material that is used to manufacture them. However, the price is well worth the lightweight, extremely durable return that you will receive from your investment. We currently carry the Titanium T-bars, Small Bends, Milleniums, and Digger bars in stock, and all of them come in at 26" tall by 24" wide. Each style of bar is slightly altered, so make sure to pick out the design that suits you best. Be sure to snag yourself a pair today, and you will definitely have the most lightweight scooter in the neighborhood!

River Wheels Overview

One of our best selling wheels would for sure be the River wheels by River wheel company (AKA Proto). We stock six different colors of these bad boys and they come in either rapids or glides depending on the color you get.

Glides are more recommended for the park as they have a softer urethane that helps you flow the park without pushing once. If you love to blast the quarter pipes and go fast then the glides are most definitely for you. They come in 3 different colors: blue, pink, and gum.

On the other hand, rapids are more recommended for the street as they have a harder urethane that can take beating after beating in the streets. If you find yourself hitting the stairs and always in the streets with the homies then the rapids are most definitely for you. Just like the glides, the rapids come in 3 different colors: black, orange, and teal.

These wheels go for $43.99 - $44.99 per wheel. Keep in mind that these wheels include pre installed bearings and spacers which is always a good thing and saves you tons of time because you don’t have to put them in yourself. Another plus about these wheels is the fact they come with a 90 day warranty. It always great to see a company back up there product so big ups to River on that.

You can purchase these wheels on our website or at our shop location in Redmond, Washington. Stay smooth with your new River wheels!



How To | Building a Custom Complete| Pro Scooter Shop

Building your very own custom complete pro scooter can be an intimidating process. As I explained in my previous blog article, it’s hard to know which parts are right for you, which parts are compatible with each other, and what sizes you need your parts to come in. However, the positive aspects of building your own custom complete pro scooter significantly outweigh the negatives, as I already mentioned in my previous blog article. This is especially true when you take the time to do the proper research and make sure that you have a firm understanding of all of the components of your scooter and their functions.

First of all, it is very important to have an understanding of what your personal preferences are when it comes to scooter components. The first component that you want to pick out is your scooter deck, which essentially comes down to the dimensions that you prefer and the design that you like best. From there, you need to decide what style and dimension of bars you prefer and be sure to make sure that the bars you end up choosing are in relation to the dimensions of your deck. After these two major components are chosen, all that is really left to decide upon is the fork, wheels, headset, compression, grips, and grip tape, which can all be decided with the help of a Pro Scooter Shop employee or by asking around at your local skate park.

As you can see here, the process for building your own custom complete pro scooter is less challenging than it may seem. Once you start getting your hands dirty and understand all of the components of a pro scooter and how they work together then building one is much easier. One tip that we, at Pro Scooter Shop, would want to give to anyone who is attempting to build his or her very first custom scooter is that you should definitely get the help or advice of a professional before spending a lot of time and money trying to do it all on your own. Hopefully this article was of some help to all of you and be sure to share it with your friends if they are planning on buying their own custom complete pro scooter!

April 14, 2015 by Blake B