Scooter Clamps - nothing more important when it comes to style and strength than your scoot's compression.  We carry some of the industry's more respected and well made clamps.

Be sure to know what fork and bars you have.  Some quick notes:

IHC forks work with standard sized bars and aluminum bars.

Standard sized bars require standard sized clamps.

HIC forks  work with oversized bars.  Oversized/HIC bars require oversized clamps.

Aluminum bars are OVERSIZED on the outside so they require an OVERSIZED clamp.


To run a clamp, regardless if you run standard or oversized bars, steel, titanium or aluminum, your bars will require a vertical slit at the bottom.  The slit should match or be just a little longer than the height of your clamp.

Side note:  If you're running SCS (instead of a clamp), then your bars cannot have a slit.  SCS compression will not work if you have a list in your bars.

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