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Apex Decks | Pro Scooter Shop

Apex Pro Scooters is an Australian brand that has really made a name for themselves over the course of the past few years. It seems like they practically exploded onto the scene almost overnight, which is a great thing for us because they are currently designing and manufacturing some of the highest quality freestyle scooter products on the market. With that being said, it is only right that we keep a steady stream of fresh Apex product flowing into Pro Scooter Shop, which is exactly what we have done. The Apex Pro Scooters decks have just landed back in the shop and we could not be more excited to share this news with all of you young shredders out there.This deck is a thing of pure beauty, designed with the ultimate shape, weight balance, and specifications necessary to land whichever tricks your hearts may desire. The Apex deck comes in two different color options, including Turquoise and Polished, and it is currently available at Pro Scooter Shop for the very affordable price of just $291.99. Be sure to snag yourself one today while supplies last. Also, be sure to check out the full list of specifications that the Apex deck comes equipped with below.

  • Apex Custom 6082 Australian Aluminum Extrusion
  • Head tube Angle : 82.3
  • Length 580mm (22.83)
  • Width 14.3mm (4.5)
  • Weight 1235 & 1285 grams (depending on length)
  • Integrated Deck
  • TIG Hand Welded
  • Post Weld Heat Treated to T6
  • All components are CNC machined and bent
  • Anodized  Turquoise Only
  • Laser Etched
  • Rails for stability for grinding
  • Flat sides for finger whips
  • Extra Space between the wheel and deck


APEX Scooters | Pro Scooter Shop

We, at Pro Scooter Shop are very excited to announce that as of Tuesday, March 2nd 2015, we will be carrying a small inventory of APEX scooter products. This includes BOL bars, SCS Gama and v3 clamps, Quantum forks, as well as Bowie and Barnaynay pegs! All of which are some of the highest quality and most popular scooter products out on the market today, so if you are looking to get anything APEX related, don’t forget that Pro Scooter Shop has you covered!

The one APEX product that stands alone, amongst our brand new inventory, as one of their most popular products is the APEX BOL bars. Some of the steeziest bars in scootering, the APEX BOL bars are one of the most unique bar designs out on the market today. Currently available in both standard size and oversized, the BOL bars specifications include:

  • 4130 Chrome Moly Steel
  • Tig Welded, CNC Bent & Notched
  • Powder Coated / Chromed for High Scratch resistance
  • 560mm Wide (22 inches)
  • 560mm High (22 inches)
  • 31.75mm Diameter
  • Designed for SCS
  • Threaded systems – slit will need to be cut

If you are looking for some of the best scooter bars on the market than look no further, APEX BOL bars are now available at Pro Scooter Shop for the low price of $96.99! They also come available in either black or chrome color options. Also, be sure to check out the rest of our brand new inventory of APEX products and spread the word to your friends as well!

March 04, 2015 by Blake B