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When you have worn down, cracked, or broken your current pro scooter deck and are anxiously looking to purchase a new one, it is important to take a few things into consideration first. It is essential that you base your decision off of your experiences with the scooter decks that you have ridden in the past. What did you like about each deck? What did you hate about each deck? Also, more importantly, what is your price range? These are all things worth considering while deciding what your next deck will be!



Scooter decks range in size, shape, weight, durability and performance, so, as you can imagine, it is easy to make the wrong decision. It is also important to keep in mind that the look and color of a deck are not nearly as important as the feel of it. For the shorter scooter riders out there, you are most likely looking for a shorter deck (19.5-20.5 inches), while taller scooter riders would want to ride a longer deck (20.5-22 inches). In terms of the width of the deck, wider is usually better, no matter who you are, because it provides more foot space and prevents heel bruise.


The weight of your deck is a very personal thing. Most of the stronger, more durable scooter decks out there will weigh more than the less heavy-duty ones do! The key is to find a happy medium for yourself. A strong, stable deck that’s not too heavy should be your goal. Once you establish what your happy medium for deck weight and durability is, you need to decide how you want your new deck to function.

Different scooter decks are designed to perform in slightly different ways! Some are meant to be easily maneuvered through the air, or perform complex grind tricks with ease, while others are designed to be thrown down huge obstacles without ever bending or breaking. It is up to you to do decide what kind of scooter rider you are and make your decision based on that. If you do not have much knowledge of or experience with the different types of decks that are out there, talk to your scooter friends or scooter riders at your local skate park and get some feedback. Keep in mind, out of all the things that you have read in this article, this is the most important part of your decision making process. The performance of the deck you ride can have a serious impact on your riding! So next time you are looking into buying a scooter deck, keep that in mind, along with everything else that we covered, and you will surely make the right decision.

November 19, 2014 by Blake B
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