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Youth Gone Wild is a brand that has been making some major waves in the freestyle scooter industry most recently, but not because of their phenomenal team of riders, or because they have some cool image that is intertwined with the purchasing of their products. Youth Gone Wild has been gaining so much notoriety because of the quality of their actual products themselves. More specifically, they are gaining notoriety because of their groundbreaking innovations with the use of Titanium material to manufacture their bars with. They have essentially broken new ground in the freestyle scooter industry with this innovation because...

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  Evan Yamada has been a long standing member of the Washington scooter scene, and the sport of freestyle scooter riding at large. His contributions and influence as a scooter rider have certainly made a mark on the entire scooter community, which explains the reasoning behind our unwavering support. Evan has been riding professionally for Lucky Scooters for nearly 8 years now, so it is no surprise that they have chosen to honor and celebrate his commitment to them by releasing his very own pair of signature T bars. These classic T style bars come in a beautiful chrome color...

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The Washington freestyle scooter community is enriched with scooter riders of all kinds of different riding styles and skill levels. Some of them have had the luxury of reaching pro status, while many others have earned sponsorship opportunities with freestyle scooter companies from all over the world. We at Pro Scooter Shop believe in celebrating these local shredders because of their dedication to the growth of Washington's freestyle scooter community, as well as, their contributions to the sport at large. Some of the riders that we choose to support by carrying their signature products include: Jessee Ikedah, Bayley Maxcy, Blake...

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