Pro Scooter Shop August 2022 update

Updated August 26, 2022

Shop will close its doors end of day Saturday, August 27th, 2022.  Still have a great inventory of wheels, grips, steel bars, griptape, grips and completes!



After 12 solid years of serving the scooter community, Pro Scooter Shop, PSS, will close its doors on Saturday, August 27th.  The physical shop in Redmond will close on that day.  We'll do online business for a little longer until we sell through remaining inventory.

If you are interested in keeping the PSS business in operation, we can discuss options.  The Seattle area still needs local scooter shops, so this could be your chance to get in.

Thank you for the years of support!  We'll do one last big event, the City of Sammamish scooter competition on Wednesday, August 24th.  Join us!

Thank you!

David, owner