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Proto Scooters has played a pivotal role in the progression of freestyle scooter components over the course of the last several years, which has allowed them to innovate in ways that many other freestyle scooter brands would have never thought possible. With that being said, Proto's premium selection of clamps and compression have essentially earned their spot as some of the most groundbreaking freestyle scooter components in the entire industry. When the Proto SCS compression system initially reached the forefront of the freestyle scooter community, no one really knew how to respond, which is why you see such an overwhelmingly amount of them being ridden by some of the top professional scooter riders in the world. Anyways, Pro Scooter Shop has got you covered on any and all of your Proto clamp needs, so before you go visit those other guys, be sure to stop by Pro Scooter Shop and see if we have what you need. Proto double clamps, Baby SCS, and SCS compression system are all currently available at Pro Scooter Shop, and they all come in multiple different color options, as well. Be sure to come get yours today, while supplies still last.

Pro-Tec Helmets | Pro Scooter Shop

If you want to be able to safely learn how to be doing all of the crazy freestyle scooter stunts that the professional riders are doing than you're going to need to get in the habit of protecting your noggin, and the best way to do that is by rocking a helmet whenever you step on your scooter. Head protection is hands down one of the most important parts of any extreme sport because the human head is one of the most vulnerable parts of the body. Luckily, we over here at Pro Scooter Shop are firm believers in the fact that every scooter rider should be wearing a helmet at all times, which is why we carry such a great selection of Pro-Tec helmets that are the perfect size, shape, and color no matter what your head protection needs may be. So the next time that you come into Pro Scooter Shop to make your freestyle scooter product purchases, be sure to keep in mind that you can also satisfy all of your head protection needs by picking up your very own Pro-Tec Helmet for the affordable price of just $39.99, or you can also pick up one of the brand new Street Lite helmets, which features entirely new, extremely lightweight technology, for the price of $59.99.


The Muk Games | Pro Scooter Shop

The Muk Games are slowly sneaking up on all of us as they are right around the corner. Don't forget to save the date because you definitely don't want to miss out on the full day of shredding and competing in the sun, for a chance to win some awesome prizes. The Scooter industry's favorite master of ceremonies, Jake Hershey will be announcing at the event, and plenty of beginner, amateur, and professional level riders will be there riding their hearts out for an opportunity to take home some of our awesome prizes. Tell your family and tell your friends because this awesome event only comes around once a year. Also, don't forget that you need to register online ahead of time, and you also have the option register with us at Pro Scooter Shop. We can't wait to see all of you young shredders there!  

Youth Gone Wild Bars | Pro Scooter Shop

Youth Gone Wild is a brand that has been making some major waves in the freestyle scooter industry most recently, but not because of their phenomenal team of riders, or because they have some cool image that is intertwined with the purchasing of their products. Youth Gone Wild has been gaining so much notoriety because of the quality of their actual products themselves. More specifically, they are gaining notoriety because of their groundbreaking innovations with the use of Titanium material to manufacture their bars with. They have essentially broken new ground in the freestyle scooter industry with this innovation because no other scooter brand has had the audacity to even attempt to manufacture any scooter products using Titanium. The most beautiful aspect of Titanium is the fact that the material is so lightweight, while still maintaining a remarkable amount of strength and durability, which is going to turn the entire freestyle scooter industry on its head. We at Pro Scooter Shop are very stoked to announce that we currently have all of Youth Gone Wild's Titanium scooter bar designs in stock for the price of $299.99! These guys are a little bit pricier than most freestyle scooter bars on the market because of the cost of the Titanium material that is used to manufacture them. However, the price is well worth the lightweight, extremely durable return that you will receive from your investment. We currently carry the Titanium T-bars, Small Bends, Milleniums, and Digger bars in stock, and all of them come in at 26" tall by 24" wide. Each style of bar is slightly altered, so make sure to pick out the design that suits you best. Be sure to snag yourself a pair today, and you will definitely have the most lightweight scooter in the neighborhood!

River Wheel Co. Products | Pro Scooter Shop

Now that we at Pro Scooter Shop have given all of you the low down on what River Wheel Co is all about, we figured it is time to breakdown each and every single one of their wheels because they have quite a few different options, and we know things can get confusing when you are trying to build the ultimate set-up. River Wheel Co currently offers eight different varieties of scooter wheels, and all of them look, feel, and perform at a premium level. In fact, River has essentially been the talk of the town ever since their products first hit the freestyle scooter market a few years ago, and it is mostly due to the fact that they are currently producing some of the best scooter wheels in the world. This should come as no surprise to any of you, but just in case it does, here is a little breakdown of the products that River Wheel Co has to offer.

First and foremost, the River Glides and the River Rapids were the first two products to be released by River Wheel Co just a few short years ago. Ever since their initial release, the entire freestyle scooter community has been hooked on both the company and their wheels. The River Glides come in a cool blue on blue colorway and are as smooth as the are fast. They are essentially the ultimate skate park cruising wheels, while the River Rapids come in a bright orange colorway and are a little bit more durable and heavy duty, which makes them ideal for street riding. Both of these wheels are currently available at Pro Scooter Shop! The River Glides are currently available for $79.99 per pair, while the River Rapids are $43.99 per wheel!

Aside from the phenomenal River Glides and River Rapids, River Wheel Co also has an entire signature collection of products for you to consider before making your next scooter wheel purchase. The Matt Mckeen, Hep Greg, Jack Colston, and Ryan Gould signature wheels come in a whole assortment of different colorways. The Matt Mckeen signature Rapid wheel comes in a classic black urethane on silver core and is available at Pro Scooter Shop for $42.99 per wheel. The Hep Greg signature Rapid wheel comes in a beautiful mint urethane on gold core and is currently on sale at Pro Scooter Shop for $37.99 per wheel. The Jack Colston signature Rapid wheel comes in a sweet green urethane on copper core and is available at Pro Scooter Shop for $87.95 per pair. The Ryan Gould signature Glide comes in a nice tan urethane on black core and is available at Pro Scooter Shop for $43.99 per wheel! As for the rest of the River Wheel Co products, they also offer the Pearl Dagger Glides, as well as the Scooter Resource Glides, which both come in their own unique colorways, as well. Hopefully, this article was at least somewhat useful in helping you with choosing the right pair of River Wheels for you. Be sure to check out our website at for high resolution images of all of River Wheel Co's products!



River Wheel Co. | Pro Scooter Shop

For those of you out there who may not know much about them or have never heard of them at all, River Wheel Co is a name that will want to begin to familiarize yourself with. Over the course of the last several years, River has quickly made a name for themselves by releasing an entire collection of some of the freestyle scooter market's finest freestyle scooter wheels. On top of that, the company has quickly and almost effortlessly recruited and established one of the most talented teams of scooter riders in the world. With some of the sport's biggest and best, including names like Matt Mckeen, Hep Greg, and Ryan Gould, it is easy to understand how they managed to attract so much attention so quickly. Now that they have released a full line of signature wheels to represent each and every single one of their team riders, it's safe to say that they have the scooter wheel market cornered. Since wheels are one of the most commonly replaced items on a scooter, we thought that we should educate you just a little bit on the premium quality of River Wheel Co, so the next time you purchase a pair of scooter wheels, don't forget to take River into consideration, as well. River wheels are currently available at Pro Scooter Shop in many different varieties and prices, so be sure to check them out in store or online.

Intermediate-Level Tricks | Pro Scooter Shop

In our Pro Scooter Shop "Basic Tricks" article that we posted a while ago, we broke down the fundamentals of some of the more simple scooter tricks, which laid the groundwork for learning some more advanced tricks down the road. Well... now we are here to introduce some of those more advanced, intermediate level tricks that you guys have most likely been yearning to learn how to do. However, before we get too far ahead of ourselves, it is important to keep in mind that these tricks are much more difficult than the more basic scooter tricks that you have probably attempted to learn in the past. They require both patience and practice, but if you are determined enough than you should be able to learn them all with ease.

The first intermediate-level trick that we are going to discuss is the infamous double tail whip. The double tail whip is an interesting trick because there is quite a mental block that you need to overcome before you can learn how to do it. The concept of having a rather thick piece of metal spinning rapidly under your feet multiple times can be frightening, especially when you are first attempting double tail whips. However, once you overcome that, you will quickly begin to realize that all the double tail whip really requires is a little bit harder of a kicking of the feet and an extra flick of the wrist in order to get the second tail whip around and then you will have it down. Just remember to jump high, kick hard and keep rotating those wrists until the second tail whip rotates all the way around, and then spot the deck and land the trick.

The second intermediate level trick that we are going to discuss is the 180 bar spin. Once you have mastered the art of both bar spinning and 180ing then it is time to combine those two into one fluid motion. 180 bar spins can be tricky simply because of that fact that you are spinning your entire body and changing direction completely, while still having to figure out some way to throw a bar spin in there somewhere. Multi-tasking can be difficult, especially when in mid-air, but the secret to learning how to do these guys well is not to think about the 180. Initiate your spin when you take off, but once you are in the air, it is important to direct all of your focus towards the bar spin because the rotation of the 180 will take care of itself. Once you complete your bar spin, you will land back on the ground in fakie, and from there, all that is left to do is half cab.

Hopefully these Pro Scooter Shop trick tips were at least somewhat helpful. Make sure to stay tuned right here at Pro Scooter Shop for more intermediate level trick tips and break downs, as well as, some more advanced ones too.





Lucky NeoChrome Covenant | Pro Scooter Shop

Lucky Scooters has always been a brand that prides themselves on the premium quality of their beautiful line of complete pro scooters. They offer a selection of completes that ranges from entry level all the way up to the most advanced level of riding. Each and every single one of Lucky's completes comes equipped with everything that a scooter rider could ever want or need in terms of the components and specifications that come included. However, there is one Lucky complete scooter that has really stood out during its time at Pro Scooter Shop. The Lucky NeoChrome Covenant has seemingly become one of the most popular complete pro scooters that we have ever carried. As soon as we manage to get a new round of them in stock, they almost immediately begin to just fly off the shelves, which explains the reasoning behind this article. The Lucky NeoChrome Covenant is truly a thing of pure beauty. Lucky Scooters must have really taken their time with this one because every scooter rider that comes into Pro Scooter Shop is mesmerized by its elegance. On top of that, the remarkable list of superb components and specifications is hard to ignore. If you don't believe me than check it out for yourself:

  • Covenant™ deck: 521 mm x 113 mm (20.5” x 4.45”)
  • Headtube: 82.5 degrees
  • Bar: Lucky Silo™, 584 mm x 559 mm (23” x 22”)
  • Fork: Lucky Indy™ (6061 T6 aluminum)
  • Headset: Lucky, fully integrated
  • Compression: HIC
  • Clamp: Lucky Triple Clamp
  • Wheels: Lucky Toaster 110mm
  • Brake: Lucky SteelyBrake™
  • Grips: Lucky ViceGrips™
  • Total Weight: 3.62 kg (8.0 lbs)
  • Deck Art: Shogo Ota


This scooter's sheer beauty certainly wasn't an accident. Lucky Scooters even hired a street artist by the name of Shogo Ota to come in and work on the art for the bottom of the Covenant deck. Between Shogo's phenomenal work on the bottom of the deck and the gorgeous NeoChrome colors that jump out at you whenever you look at them, it's safe to say that this scooter is one of the most aesthetically pleasing completes that we have ever laid our eyes on. If you're sold on this scooter after reading this than we suggest you pull the trigger and purchase your NeoChrome Covenant as soon as possible because they are moving fast. The Lucky NeoChrome Covenant is currently available at Pro Scooter Shop for the very affordable price of just $299.99, so get there while supplies last. 

    Scooter Pegs | Pro Scooter Shop

    Freestyle Scooter Pegs are an interesting element of freestyle scooter riding because they were originally introduced to the world of freestyle scooter riding in the last several years. Before scooter companies actually started designing and manufacturing their own pegs, scooter riders were essentially forced to just create their own make-shift pegs at home, hoping that they would end up working. This concept ended up working out fairly successfully, but eventually the industry caught up with the demand for pegs and scooter companies actually began producing them. Ever since the initial explosion of popularity in freestyle scooter pegs, kids have constantly been coming into Pro Scooter Shop saying that they need to get some pegs, regardless of whether or not they were actually going to use them or not. However, what most of them don't realize is that purchasing a pair of pegs can be a big decision that can have a lasting impact on the functionality of your scooter. Before making the investment in and commitment to pegs and peg riding, we over here at Pro Scooter Shop recommend that you do your research first.

    Pegs come in all sort of different sizes, shapes, weights, and designs, which is why this purchasing process can be exceedingly difficult. Some of the most popular brands of pegs that we carry include: Tilt, Apex, and Lucky. These three companies seem to have mastered the art of designing fully functional freestyle scooter pegs. All of their designs are lightweight, versatile, and perfectly contoured to grind smoothly across any grind obstacle, whether it be a ledge, rail, or even coping. The Tilt Chromo pegs have been around for a good couple of years now and have made a name for themselves as one of the classic scooter peg designs. These bad boys are currently available at Pro Scooter Shop for the low price of just $29.99 and come in five different color options, including: Black, Blue, Red, Silver, or Purple! The Lucky Lugs are also one of the more popular peg designs that we carry at Pro Scooter Shop and they are available in Black, Gunmetal, or polished for just $24.95. Finally, we have the Apex Barnaynay pegs, which are our lowest priced pegs out of these three brand. They are $22.99 per pair and they come in Black, Blue, and Red. Anyways, hopefully this article has given all of you a little bit of insight into the world of pegs, so that you can make an informed decision the next time you find yourself purchasing a pair of pegs!

    Tilt Scout & Sentry Bars | Pro Scooter Shop

    Tilt Scooters has slowly, but surely released more and more premium quality freestyle scooter components onto the market over the course of the last several years. Their slow, yet consistent flow of new products has kept riders everywhere on their toes, as they patiently wait for the next best thing to come out. Tilt Scooters has always been a company that strives to reach for perfection and innovation in every single thing that they do, whether it comes to their team riders, marketing, products, or image as a whole. These guys somehow manage to turn everything that they do into a work of art, and their new Scout and Sentry bars, which were just recently released, are no different. The Tilt Scout bars are a classic, heat treated T bar design that comes in 27.5" tall by 24" wide and they are available in Black and Chrome. While the Sentry bars are BMX style bars, with 5° backsweep and 1° upsweep, and they also come in 27.5" tall by 24" wide and Black and Chrome color options. Both of these styles of freestyle scooter bars are currently available at Pro Scooter Shop for $99.99, so go snag yourself a pair today.