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Proto Scooters has played a pivotal role in the progression of freestyle scooter components over the course of the last several years, which has allowed them to innovate in ways that many other freestyle scooter brands would have never thought possible. With that being said, Proto's premium selection of clamps and compression have essentially earned their spot as some of the most groundbreaking freestyle scooter components in the entire industry. When the Proto SCS compression system initially reached the forefront of the freestyle scooter community, no one really knew how to respond, which is why you see such an overwhelmingly amount of them being ridden by some of the top professional scooter riders in the world. Anyways, Pro Scooter Shop has got you covered on any and all of your Proto clamp needs, so before you go visit those other guys, be sure to stop by Pro Scooter Shop and see if we have what you need. Proto double clamps, Baby SCS, and SCS compression system are all currently available at Pro Scooter Shop, and they all come in multiple different color options, as well. Be sure to come get yours today, while supplies still last.

Youth Gone Wild Bars | Pro Scooter Shop

Youth Gone Wild is a brand that has been making some major waves in the freestyle scooter industry most recently, but not because of their phenomenal team of riders, or because they have some cool image that is intertwined with the purchasing of their products. Youth Gone Wild has been gaining so much notoriety because of the quality of their actual products themselves. More specifically, they are gaining notoriety because of their groundbreaking innovations with the use of Titanium material to manufacture their bars with. They have essentially broken new ground in the freestyle scooter industry with this innovation because no other scooter brand has had the audacity to even attempt to manufacture any scooter products using Titanium. The most beautiful aspect of Titanium is the fact that the material is so lightweight, while still maintaining a remarkable amount of strength and durability, which is going to turn the entire freestyle scooter industry on its head. We at Pro Scooter Shop are very stoked to announce that we currently have all of Youth Gone Wild's Titanium scooter bar designs in stock for the price of $299.99! These guys are a little bit pricier than most freestyle scooter bars on the market because of the cost of the Titanium material that is used to manufacture them. However, the price is well worth the lightweight, extremely durable return that you will receive from your investment. We currently carry the Titanium T-bars, Small Bends, Milleniums, and Digger bars in stock, and all of them come in at 26" tall by 24" wide. Each style of bar is slightly altered, so make sure to pick out the design that suits you best. Be sure to snag yourself a pair today, and you will definitely have the most lightweight scooter in the neighborhood!

MGP VX 6 Pro | Pro Scooter Shop

As we have mentioned in some of our previous blog posts, Madd Gear’s newest line of VX 6 products has finally reached the market and we at Pro Scooter Shop couldn’t be more excited about it. The VX 6 line includes the VX 6 Pro scooter, the Team, the Nitro, and the Extreme. All of these complete pro scooters have been substantially upgraded from last year’s product line, which already had quite a bit to offer in terms of premium quality. One the MGP VX 6 completes that we are most excited about is the VX 6 Pro, which is essentially the ultimate entry-level scooter for any youngster who is just starting to get involved in freestyle scooter riding. It is also the perfect purchase for any confused parent out there, who doesn’t quite know what to look for in a high quality complete pro scooter. As for the specifications that the VX 6 Pro scooter comes equipped with, they include:

-Bars: 23" (H) x 21" (W) 4031 Japanese Chromoly Oversized Upsweep Fluted T-Bar
-Deck: 4" Wide VX6 6061 T4 & T6 Heat Treated Alloy, Fluted with 3° Concave
-Fork: Threadless Steel IHC Fork with Cut Out
-Wheels: 100mm 88a Alloy Anodised Core with High Rebound Urethane
-Grips: 130mm TPR Grind Grips with Nylon Bar Ends
-Clamp: Double Bolt Powder Coated 6061 Alloy
-Headset: FSA Sealed
-Bearings: K2 ABEC 9 Rated Chrome High Speed
-Grip Tape: MGP Printed Full Deck Grip
-Brake: MGP Composite Blitz Brake
-Finish: Powder Coated Fade or Solid Colour
-Weight: 3.76 kg (8.29 lbs) MG Alloy Badge Decal

The reason why we have decided to put so much emphasis on this Madd Gear complete is because we feel that the VX 6 Pro is one of the most affordable and versatile entry-level complete scooters available on the market today. If you take a closer look at this scooter’s long list of specifications provided above than you will realize just how much this killer set-up has to offer. This scooter also features some very vibrant colors that really make the entire scooter pop when you’re riding it. There are plenty of color options to satisfy your needs, so if you are looking for a scooter that will stand out in a crowd, but will also perform at a premium level than look no further than the VX 6 Pro, which is currently available in four awesome color options at Pro Scooter Shop for the affordable price of just $149.99! Also, be sure to check out the official Madd Gear VX 6 Pro video below:

March 12, 2016 by Blake Bailor

Happy Halloween

We first off wanted to say happy Halloween to everyone out there in the scooter community. There’s a few things we want to remind everyone who’s out and about tonight.

First, stay safe out there. There’s tons of young kids killed every year because people are driving too fast in neighborhoods and they hit kids. We don’t want to hear that this year. Please drive slowly and be aware of all the young kids out there.

Second, collect some candy! Halloween is the perfect night to throw up and not feel bad about it haha. It might be the only chance you get all year to get FREE candy. Who doesn’t like free candy!?

Third, who is using there scooter as part of there Halloween costume? We think a scooter is not only the perfect thing for the skatepark but it’s also the perfect thing to get around on during Halloween night. Think about all your friends walking from house to house to get their candy and then there’s you who’s riding house to house getting over double the amount they do! Plus I bet there’s tons of costumes you can use your scooter in, get creative!

Everyone have fun tonight and remember to share some candy with your parents haha. Tag us on Instagram in your Halloween costumes, we want to see them! (@proscootershop).

Below is a great example of a costume incorporating a scooter (we want you to use a push scooter though, not an electric one)!

October 31, 2015 by Bayley Maxcy