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Proto Scooters has played a pivotal role in the progression of freestyle scooter components over the course of the last several years, which has allowed them to innovate in ways that many other freestyle scooter brands would have never thought possible. With that being said, Proto's premium selection of clamps and compression have essentially earned their spot as some of the most groundbreaking freestyle scooter components in the entire industry. When the Proto SCS compression system initially reached the forefront of the freestyle scooter community, no one really knew how to respond, which is why you see such an overwhelmingly...

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Youth Gone Wild is a brand that has been making some major waves in the freestyle scooter industry most recently, but not because of their phenomenal team of riders, or because they have some cool image that is intertwined with the purchasing of their products. Youth Gone Wild has been gaining so much notoriety because of the quality of their actual products themselves. More specifically, they are gaining notoriety because of their groundbreaking innovations with the use of Titanium material to manufacture their bars with. They have essentially broken new ground in the freestyle scooter industry with this innovation because...

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As we have mentioned in some of our previous blog posts, Madd Gear’s newest line of VX 6 products has finally reached the market and we at Pro Scooter Shop couldn’t be more excited about it. The VX 6 line includes the VX 6 Pro scooter, the Team, the Nitro, and the Extreme. All of these complete pro scooters have been substantially upgraded from last year’s product line, which already had quite a bit to offer in terms of premium quality. One the MGP VX 6 completes that we are most excited about is the VX 6 Pro, which is...

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We first off wanted to say happy Halloween to everyone out there in the scooter community. There’s a few things we want to remind everyone who’s out and about tonight. First, stay safe out there. There’s tons of young kids killed every year because people are driving too fast in neighborhoods and they hit kids. We don’t want to hear that this year. Please drive slowly and be aware of all the young kids out there. Second, collect some candy! Halloween is the perfect night to throw up and not feel bad about it haha. It might be the only...

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