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Happy Halloween

We first off wanted to say happy Halloween to everyone out there in the scooter community. There’s a few things we want to remind everyone who’s out and about tonight.

First, stay safe out there. There’s tons of young kids killed every year because people are driving too fast in neighborhoods and they hit kids. We don’t want to hear that this year. Please drive slowly and be aware of all the young kids out there.

Second, collect some candy! Halloween is the perfect night to throw up and not feel bad about it haha. It might be the only chance you get all year to get FREE candy. Who doesn’t like free candy!?

Third, who is using there scooter as part of there Halloween costume? We think a scooter is not only the perfect thing for the skatepark but it’s also the perfect thing to get around on during Halloween night. Think about all your friends walking from house to house to get their candy and then there’s you who’s riding house to house getting over double the amount they do! Plus I bet there’s tons of costumes you can use your scooter in, get creative!

Everyone have fun tonight and remember to share some candy with your parents haha. Tag us on Instagram in your Halloween costumes, we want to see them! (@proscootershop).

Below is a great example of a costume incorporating a scooter (we want you to use a push scooter though, not an electric one)!