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The Lucky Crew complete pro scooter is essentially the ultimate entry-level scooter, and that is what we tell each and every customer that comes in to visit Pro Scooter Shop. Whenever someone is looking to invest in their first complete pro scooter, we recommend the Lucky Crew because of all of the high quality components and specifications that it comes equipped with. If you are just beginning to dive into the freestyle scooter world, and are at a loss with deciding which scooter you should get, just take a closer look at the Lucky Crew's specs and you'll be convinced....

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Lucky Scooters is one of the top pro scooter manufacturers in the game today, releasing a constant flow of premium scooter products and complete scooters to help innovate and push the sport forward. Their complete scooters are some of the best pro scooters available on the market today, and they are offered at some of the lowest prices too. The Lucky Crew complete, although it is their low-end model, is one fine piece of scooter machinery. This thing has been designed to handle just about anything and is available at a very affordable price point. You can take it to...

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