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The newest iteration of the Prospect compete from Lucky Scooters is the Prospect XL. Right out the  box it comes full assembled with the exception of the handle bars needing to be fastened onto the lower half of the scooter. The main difference with this complete is the size of the deck. While standard prospect completes come out of the box with a 4.8" wide x 19.5" long deck, the Prospect XL comes standard with a 5.3" wide x 22" long deck. The difference in deck size is significant and is once again leading the pack for high quality engineered head tubes which allow for maximum foot...

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Lucky Scooters has always been a brand that prides themselves on the premium quality of their beautiful line of complete pro scooters. They offer a selection of completes that ranges from entry level all the way up to the most advanced level of riding. Each and every single one of Lucky's completes comes equipped with everything that a scooter rider could ever want or need in terms of the components and specifications that come included. However, there is one Lucky complete scooter that has really stood out during its time at Pro Scooter Shop. The Lucky NeoChrome Covenant has seemingly...

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