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Grit Scooters is one of those brands that is known for making a splash in the industry when they release new product. They also manufacture some of the most reliable, high quality complete pro scooters in the world, so typically when an entry-level rider is looking to purchase their first pro scooter, Grit is one of the first recommendations that we at Pro Scooter Shop will make to them. The Grit Elite is one of the more popular Grit complete pro scooters that we currently have in stock, and let me tell you, this thing is stacked from head to toe with some premium freestyle scooter components. Here is the full list of specifications and components that the Grit Elite comes equipped with:

  • Deck Size (L x W) - 4" x 19.75" 6061 Alloy Skeleton Downtube w/ 3 degrees concavity
  • Compression - HIC
  • Headset - Neco 1 1/8" Sealed
  • Fork - Threadless High Tensile Steel Fork w HIC system
  • Bars (L x W) - 22" x 21" Reinforced Riser Chromo Bars
  • Grips - Ridged 2 Color Soft Feel Grips
  • Clamp - 34.9MM Alloy Contoured Triple Clamp
  • Wheels - 100MM 88A PU Alloy Core Slotted Wheels, ABEC 9
  • Brake - Grit Flex Fender
  • Weight - 9.10 lbs

If you aren't sold on the Grit Elite after checking out everything that it comes equipped with than maybe Jordan Clark will have you convinced. Jordan is hands down one of the best freestyle scooter riders in the world right now, and he has been riding for the Grit Scooters team for quite some time now. Jordan stands by the strength, durability and performance that Grit Scooters has to offer, and he wouldn't be caught riding any other scooter. If you don't believe us, check out one his latest and greatest videos for yourself and formulate your own opinion.


    Complete Scooter Review | Grit Invader with SCS | Pro Scooter Shop

    Grit Scooters is one of the leading manufacturers of complete scooters in the industry today, which says a lot considering the high number of scooter companies popping up nowadays. The Grit Invader with SCS is their prized complete scooter, designed and tested by their all-star team of riders; this scooter is the highest end product that Grit currently offers on the market. It is built to withstand the abuse of practically any rider, and also comes equipped with just about everything you could ever need in a complete scooter, including:

    Compression - SCS

    Headset - Neco Fully Integrated Sealed

    Fork - Threadless Alloy Fork

    Bars (H x W) - 21.5" x 20.75" Oversized Chromo Bars

    Grips - Ridged Soft Feel Grips

    Clamp - Oversized Contoured Triple Clamp

    Wheels - 110MM 88A PU Alloy Core, ABEC 9

    Brake - Grit Flex Fender

    The Grit Invader also comes equipped with SCS compression, which is one of the highlighted aspects of this complete scooter. SCS compression is slowly becoming an industry standard because of the amount of stability and durability it offers, which is crucial if you are an intermediate or pro level rider. It is also something that only Grit and a few other scooter companies are currently offering on their complete scooters, which is what separates the Grit Invader with SCS from other completes.

    The deck specifications of the Grit Invader include: Deck Size: (L x W) - 4.35" x 19.75" 6061 Alloy Skeleton Down tube with 3 degrees of concave, fully integrated. The overall design of the deck, along with its specifications, makes it one of the finest decks on the market. Perfect for technical, big air, or high impact riding, with this deck design you can ride practically any terrain.

    The Grit Invader is available in three different color options and can also be purchased with HIC compression as an alternative to the Invader with SCS. Overall, these are some awesome specifications for just $274.99! If you want to be cruising a premium scooter and are looking at completes, I would definitely take the Grit Invader with SCS into consideration.

    February 11, 2015 by Blake B

    Buying Your First Scooter | The Grit C Y Complete Custom Pro Scooter

    Lately, we at the Pro Scooter Shop have been receiving a lot of questions on Instagram (@proscootershop) about what entry-level scooters to buy for kids who have never ridden a scooter before, but are looking to start it up. The first thing you need to know when buying your first pro scooter is, what is your price range? Most entry-level scooter riders are looking for something that performs well at a low price. With that said, we would like to introduce you to the Grit C Y Complete Custom Pro Scooter, ranging in 10 different color options.





    The Grit C Y Complete Custom Pro Scooter is a great option if you are looking to get the most bang for your buck. The Grit C Y comes equipped with mini HIC Compression system, as well as 100MM Alloy Core wheels, which provides the ultimate lightweight feel, which is perfect for anyone who is just starting out on a scooter. The mini HIC Compression system also offers the same strength and durability as any other HIC Compression system on the market, so you know you are riding with reliability. The Grit C Y Scooter also comes equipped with:


    • Deck Size (L x W) - 4" x 19.75" 6061 Alloy w/ 3 degrees concavity
    • Compression - mini HIC Headset - Neco 1 1/8 Sealed Bearings
    • Threadless High Tensile Steel Fork
    • Bars (L x W) - 21.6" x 20" Grit Yeh Yeh Yeh Bars
    • Grit Soft Feel Grips included
    • Clamp - 31.8MM Alloy Triple Clamp
    • 100MM 88A Alloy Core, ABEC 9 Bearings
    • Grit Flex Fender Brake


    As you can see, the Grit C Y Complete Custom Scooter has a lot to offer for just $149.99. If you are about to dive into buying your first ever pro scooter, the Grit C Y is definitely worth considering!

    November 12, 2014 by Blake B