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The Alpha Omega Delta 2 is essentially a more refined version of the original Delta scooter that Alpha Omega released. Although the Delta 2 is a much more simplistic scooter than the AO Stealth, the components that the Delta 2 comes equipped with are certainly up to the challenge of handling the abuse of daily riding. As for the more detailed list of the specifications that the Delta 2 is laced up with, it is available below: NEW forged neck NEW bicycle style paint job (more scratch resistant and vibrant colors) NEW graphics on bottom, grip tape, bars and fork...

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Alpha Omega, AO, pro scooters, proscootershop, Stealth 3 -

The Alpha Omega Stealth 3 complete pro scooter is certainly one of the finest complete pro scooters available on the market today. It incorporates style, performance, and versatility all into one masterpiece scooter. It is the perfect scooter for an entry level rider to bring with them to the skate park for their first, yet it is also an advanced enough set-up for an intermediate or professional freestyle scooter rider as well. The AO Stealth 3 essentially features nothing, but the most premium scooter components, which is rare to find in a fresh out of the box complete pro scooter....

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