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In our Pro Scooter Shop "Basic Tricks" article that we posted a while ago, we broke down the fundamentals of some of the more simple scooter tricks, which laid the groundwork for learning some more advanced tricks down the road. Well... now we are here to introduce some of those more advanced, intermediate level tricks that you guys have most likely been yearning to learn how to do. However, before we get too far ahead of ourselves, it is important to keep in mind that these tricks are much more difficult than the more basic scooter tricks that you have probably attempted to learn in the past. They require both patience and practice, but if you are determined enough than you should be able to learn them all with ease.

The first intermediate-level trick that we are going to discuss is the infamous double tail whip. The double tail whip is an interesting trick because there is quite a mental block that you need to overcome before you can learn how to do it. The concept of having a rather thick piece of metal spinning rapidly under your feet multiple times can be frightening, especially when you are first attempting double tail whips. However, once you overcome that, you will quickly begin to realize that all the double tail whip really requires is a little bit harder of a kicking of the feet and an extra flick of the wrist in order to get the second tail whip around and then you will have it down. Just remember to jump high, kick hard and keep rotating those wrists until the second tail whip rotates all the way around, and then spot the deck and land the trick.

The second intermediate level trick that we are going to discuss is the 180 bar spin. Once you have mastered the art of both bar spinning and 180ing then it is time to combine those two into one fluid motion. 180 bar spins can be tricky simply because of that fact that you are spinning your entire body and changing direction completely, while still having to figure out some way to throw a bar spin in there somewhere. Multi-tasking can be difficult, especially when in mid-air, but the secret to learning how to do these guys well is not to think about the 180. Initiate your spin when you take off, but once you are in the air, it is important to direct all of your focus towards the bar spin because the rotation of the 180 will take care of itself. Once you complete your bar spin, you will land back on the ground in fakie, and from there, all that is left to do is half cab.

Hopefully these Pro Scooter Shop trick tips were at least somewhat helpful. Make sure to stay tuned right here at Pro Scooter Shop for more intermediate level trick tips and break downs, as well as, some more advanced ones too.





Basic Tricks | Pro Scooter Shop

Freestyle scooter riding, much like any other sport, features within it, a small list of tricks that are widely considered to be the fundamental tricks that everyone should learn when they first begin riding a scooter. Some people may be bold enough to choose to ignore the basics and move on the more advanced scooter maneuvers, but that can only negatively effect you down the road. Learning the basics is one of the most important things that you can do for yourself, especially when you start attempting those more advanced tricks. Here is a little breakdown of all of the basic tricks to help you better understand each and every one of them:

1. Tail-whip: The tail whip is arguably the single most important scooter trick that you will ever learn. It can be utilized in so many different ways and incorporated into so many different tricks that it is a must that you learn how to do it sooner or later, so why not sooner? All it requires is a quick kick of the feet and a rotation of the wrists and there you have it.


2. Bar spin: The bar spin essentially goes hand in hand with the Tail-whip because it is another one of those tricks that can be added to any trick or combination and it is also a very stylish trick when executed properly. The bar spin can be a little bit more difficult to learn at first as it requires a certain level of hand eye coordination, but once you figure it out, you will think it is the easiest trick ever. 


3. 180: The 180 is every scooter rider's first experience with spinning both their body and their scooter around at the same time. The most difficult aspect of this trick is landing fakie and learning how to ride fakie, but that will come with time and practice. The most important thing to remember when attempting a 180 is to turn your head and look in the direction that you are spinning. This is another trick that can be beneficial to learn later on because it can be incorporated into so many other combinations.



4. 360: The 360 is definitely the toughest out of the 4 most crucial basic tricks. Learning how to spin your body at that speed, while still maintaining full control of both your body and your scooter can be a huge challenge, which is why we recommend mastering the 180 first. However, if you insist on learning how to 360 then it is best to practice this one out of a banked fly out at your nearest skate park because the extra air time will really help you out. Once you take off, just start spinning in the direction that feels most comfortable to you and keep turning your head in that direction until you complete the spin.

Now that you all fully understand the 4 basic freestyle scooter tricks and what it takes in order to pull them off, it is time apply your newfound knowledge and learn these awesome tricks. Once you learn these 4 tricks, you will find it much easier to learn other more advanced tricks and combinations as you will be able to more easily incorporate these tricks into the mix. We at Pro Scooter Shop hope that this article has been helpful and don't forget to practice practice practice.