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In our Pro Scooter Shop "Basic Tricks" article that we posted a while ago, we broke down the fundamentals of some of the more simple scooter tricks, which laid the groundwork for learning some more advanced tricks down the road. Well... now we are here to introduce some of those more advanced, intermediate level tricks that you guys have most likely been yearning to learn how to do. However, before we get too far ahead of ourselves, it is important to keep in mind that these tricks are much more difficult than the more basic scooter tricks that you have...

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basic tricks, freestyle scootering, pro scooters, proscootershop, scooter tricks -

Freestyle scooter riding, much like any other sport, features within it, a small list of tricks that are widely considered to be the fundamental tricks that everyone should learn when they first begin riding a scooter. Some people may be bold enough to choose to ignore the basics and move on the more advanced scooter maneuvers, but that can only negatively effect you down the road. Learning the basics is one of the most important things that you can do for yourself, especially when you start attempting those more advanced tricks. Here is a little breakdown of all of the...

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