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One of Pro Scooter Shop’s very own team riders, Patrick Schneider just recently took a trip down to Woodward West for a hectic weekend of scooter riding with tons of other campers. During the extent of his time down there, Patrick also managed to stack a fairly substantial amount of premium riding footage. Patrick is a technical wizard with a huge variety of tricks and this video does an excellent job of showcasing that fact. His versatility on his scooter is also a large part of why he was recently recruited to the Lucky Scooters regime this past year. We...

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We at Pro Scooter Shop are very excited to announce that with the arrival of all of the brand new Madd Gear VX 6 products, all of the VX 5 Teams will be on sale for the very affordable price of just $169.99. We suggest that all of you MGP fans out there go purchase your very own VX 5 Team today, while supplies still last. Also, for any and all future Madd Gear news and content, be sure to stay tuned right here at Pro Scooter Shop.

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We first off wanted to say happy Halloween to everyone out there in the scooter community. There’s a few things we want to remind everyone who’s out and about tonight. First, stay safe out there. There’s tons of young kids killed every year because people are driving too fast in neighborhoods and they hit kids. We don’t want to hear that this year. Please drive slowly and be aware of all the young kids out there. Second, collect some candy! Halloween is the perfect night to throw up and not feel bad about it haha. It might be the only...

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