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Pat Schneider Woodward 2016 | Pro Scooter Shop

One of Pro Scooter Shop’s very own team riders, Patrick Schneider just recently took a trip down to Woodward West for a hectic weekend of scooter riding with tons of other campers. During the extent of his time down there, Patrick also managed to stack a fairly substantial amount of premium riding footage. Patrick is a technical wizard with a huge variety of tricks and this video does an excellent job of showcasing that fact. His versatility on his scooter is also a large part of why he was recently recruited to the Lucky Scooters regime this past year. We at Pro Scooter Shop couldn’t be more excited for him, and we definitely cannot wait to see some more footage from him as soon as possible. However, for now, his Woodward 2016 footage will simply have to do.


Based upon this most recent video, Patrick seems to be progressing at a remarkable rate, which means that he is bring plenty of new tricks to the table, such as the opening trick to this video for example: Hurricane to backside lip slide to 360 tail-whip out. I must say that seeing that trick done so flawlessly was absolutely jaw dropping for me, especially as the opening trick in a video. I definitely would have thrown that clip in towards the end of one of my videos if I were him, but this video is also filled with plenty more tricks just like it, so he must not have been too concerned about it. If you haven’t checked Patrick’s Woodward footage out yet than I suggest you do so as soon as possible, and for those of you who have already seen this video, it is definitely worth another watch. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the Woodward Mayhem. Also, be sure to stay tuned right here at Pro Scooter Shop for more great Pro Scooter Shop news and content.