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Lucky Toaster Wheels | Pro Scooter Shop

Lucky Scooters has been releasing premium scooter wheels for several years now. Just recently Lucky has released the new Toaster wheels, which is an all new core design with its own urethane compound that provides a very grippy, fast riding surface for a better overall feeling under your feet. The new core design also offers an extremely lightweight feel and is uniquely bonded to prevent dehubbing and chunking. Some other features that the new Lucky Toaster wheels come with include:

 -Lucky Rebound Technology

-86A durometer rating

-Custom Urethane Compound (new pouring process)

-All new metal core design

Don’t just take our word for it though! The new Toaster wheels have been design tested excessively by Lucky’s own Pro, title, and flow riders before officially hitting the market. We highly recommend the Lucky Toaster wheels to any and all entry level or intermediate level riders because of their premium performance out in the field, as well as their affordable price. Lucky Toaster wheels are now available at Pro Scooter Shop for the low price of just $22.95 and come in 5 different color options.