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Tilt Scooters | Tomahawk Fork | Pro Scooter Shop

Well folks, Tilt Scooters has managed to do it again! However, this time they have done it with the all new Tom Kvilhaug signature “Tomahawk” fork, which was designed by Tom Kvilhaug himself, using 3D design software. This thing was built to withstand just about any impact and is ideal for any rider at just about any skill level. This fork is simply just another innovation to add to the list of awesome Tilt Scooters products, and Pro Scooter Shop is proud to announce that we currently have them in stock. This all-new fork design, just like every other Tilt fork design, comes equipped with some awesome specifications, including:

-Billet 6061-T6 aluminum

-Steerer Length: 6.0″

-Offset: 10mm

-Weight: 11.7 oz

-Integrated thread

-Integrated crown race

Everyone in the industry was stoked when this thing hit the market. The sleek, innovative design is the perfect final touch to any pro scooter set-up because it brings a one of a kind feel to your ride. It has also been designed and tested to assure extreme durability, as well as stability for your scooter. The fork steer tube also contains a really sweet Tomahawk image, which is the cherry on top of it all. You can now get the Tom Kvilhaug signature “Tomahawk” fork at Pro Scooter Shop for the low price of $97.49! Currently only available in Black.