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HIC Compression Installation | Pro Scooter Shop

Hidden internal Compression system, also known as, HIC compression, is one of the most innovative freestyle scooter components out on the market today. Revolutionizing the industry with its simplicity, HIC compression is the lightest and one of the most efficient compression systems available. Today, we at Pro Scooter Shop are going to show you how the installation process for HIC compression works, so you can install your very own HIC compression at home in just a matter of minutes.

First of all, there are 4 main components to your HIC compression system: the shim, the compression bolt, the clamp, and the bars. Your bars are going to need to have a slit cut in them, in order to clamp the bars to the shim. Drop the compression bolt into the top of the shim so that it dangles inside of the shim. Raise the fork until the fork race is positioned against the lower headset bearing. Next, push your shim onto the top of the fork and carefully thread your compression bolt into the threads on your fork. The tightness of the compression bolt on the shim will determine the resistance of your headset.

If your headset feels too loose, simply remove your bars and tighten your compression bolt. Similarly, if your headset feels too tight, remove your bars and loosen your compression bolt. When putting your HIC clamp onto your bars, make sure that the slit in your clamp is aligned with the slit in your bars. If you are having issues installing your HIC clamp onto your bars, you can refer to Pro Scooter Shop’s Clamp stretching blog article to help you install your clamp onto your bars. The final step of the HIC compression installation is to simply slide your bars (with the clamp on them) over your shim, tighten down the clamp bolts, and you’re ready to roll!