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How To | Remove Bearings from Scooter Wheels | Pro Scooter Shop

Removing bearings from metal core pro scooter wheels can be a very tricky thing to do, especially if you are using bearing spacers in your scooter wheels, which you should be. However, we, at Pro Scooter Shop have a pretty useful trick that can help make the bearing removal process much simpler. All that you will need in order to perform this trick is a T-handle allen key wrench, a hammer, an axle bolt, and the scooter wheel that you wish to remove the bearings from.

The first step to removing your bearings from your pro scooter wheel is to use your T-handle allen key to pop the bearing spacer out of alignment from the bearings so that you can see the edge of the spacer. Once you are able to see the edge of the bearing spacer, then you can use the spacer to pop one of the bearings out of your scooter wheel. Lay your wheel on a surface with one side elevated on to another wheel so that it is not sitting completely flat.

Insert your T-handle allen key, which should be roughly the size of an axle bolt, into the bearing hole so that it catches on to the bearing spacer. From there, hammer the allen key against the bearing spacer, which should pop one of the bearings out of the scooter wheel. Remove that bearing, as well as the bearing spacer from the wheel. For the bearing that is still installed in your scooter wheel, you will use the head of an axle bolt and follow the same process of hammering the axle to remove the bearing and then your scooter wheel is ready for new bearing installation.

There ya have it kids! It’s that simple. Also, one final Pro Scooter Shop tip: Always make sure to install new bearings into your scooter wheels. You do not ever want to reuse bearings, as they will take away from the speed and overall performance of your scooter set-up!