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The Different Types of Scooter Wheels | Pro Scooter Shop

Pro scooter wheels come in many different sizes, urethane types, designs, and colors. That is why it is important to educate yourselves on the various different types of wheels out there on the market. We, at Pro Scooter Shop, are here to help you decipher the difference between all of these wheels, so that you can determine which ones are right for you.

Pro scooter wheels all provide a different feel when you ride them and this can either negatively or positively affect your performance, while you are scootering. The feel of the wheel when it is being ridden is based off of the type of urethane that the wheel is made out of. The urethane type, shape, and hardness all come together to determine how much grip the wheel offers, as well as how much shock the wheel absorbs. Most seasoned scooter riders, after several years of riding, know what type of urethane that they like most, as well as what hardness they prefer. We, at Pro Scooter Shop, recommend a urethane type that feels grippy in the palm of your hand when you hold it and has medium urethane hardness!

The different sizes that pro scooter wheels come in also play a key role in your scooters overall performance. Typically, pro scooter wheels come in sizes 100, 110, 120, or 125 Millimeters. The bigger the wheel, the faster your scooter will go and the heavier your scooter will be. The industry standard for the majority of pro scooter riders is 110 Millimeters, which is what we recommend for anyone who is just getting into scootering. However, if you are looking to venture out and try something else out, just make sure that your current scooter fork and deck are capable of running anything larger than 110 millimeters!

One final aspect of pro scooter wheels that is important to keep in mind is the wheel core design. Most modern pro scooter wheels are considered metal core wheels, which means that the inner core of the wheel is made up of metal and the outer rim is made up of urethane. The wheel core design has a big impact on the overall weight, feel, strength, and look of the wheel! Therefore, it is important to do your research and find out which wheel designs perform the best out in the field. Ask your scooter buddies, or ask one of us, at Pro Scooter Shop! Hopefully this article helped inform you on the various, important aspects of pro scooter wheels. Be sure to share with your scooter friends and make sure they educate themselves on scooter wheels too!