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Lucky Scooters Tukno Bars | Pro Scooter Shop

Pro Scooter Shop is proud to announce that we are the only scooter shop in the world that currently carries the standard sized Dakota Schuetz signature Tukno bars in stock. These bars are one of the latest and greatest bar designs out on the market today, and you can only purchase them at Pro Scooter Shop. Dakota Schuetz collaborated on this bar design, in order to make one of the sleekest, most versatile scooter bars available, and that is what they have done!

These bars come available in standard size, for whichever compression system that you may be running. They run 26 inches wide by 25 inches tall and come in either chrome, raw or blue. The Chrome Tukno bars go for $129.99 and the blue and raw Tuknos are available at $99.99! A great value for one of the hottest scooter bars on the market today!

Dakota Schuetz has very detailed specifications to his scooter set-up that allow him to ride and compete at the level that he does! He and Lucky Scooters collaborated to make a signature pair of bars for him that would meet those specifications. The Lucky Scooters Tukno bars are designed to be easily maneuverable, no matter what trick you may be attempting to perform! You can flip them, whip them, and even throw them down to the ground and they are durable enough to withstand it!

 The Chrome plated Lucky Scooters Tukno bars, although they are a little bit more expensive than the regular Tukno bars, give an awesome finish to your scooter bars! The chrome plating is also the perfect final touch to any complete scooter set-up. However, if you are looking to save some dough, the raw or blue Tukno bars are also an excellent addition to your scooter. If you want to be rocking some of the sweetest scooter bars on the market, come to Pro Scooter Shop and pick yourself up some Lucky Scooters Tukno bars. After all, we are the only shop that has them!