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Complete Scooter Review | District V4 Integrated

This month we are reviewing the District V4 complete pro scooter, so for all of you scooter kids out there who are thinking of which complete scooter to buy, listen up! This scooter, although it is a little pricier than the complete scooters that other brands are offering, comes equipped with everything that any rider at any skill level needs to perform well. An extremely lightweight feel, integrated headset, and superior design are all things that you can expect to come along with this complete scooter! The District V4 Integrated complete scooter, at the price of $289.97, comes equipped with:


-19.75” Long x 4.3” Wide

-82.5 Head Tube Angle

-Integrated Headset

-New 1 Piece V4 Fork

-New V4 Double Clamp

-New V4 Aluminum Alloy Bars

-District Rubber Grips

-New Flex Fender

-110mm Eagle Sport Wheels

-6082rs High Grade Bearings

The single most important about any complete scooter is the deck itself. The District V4 Integrated deck is a thing of pure beauty. Specially designed to be lightweight, easily maneuverable and very durable. The District V4 deck is, hands down, one of the best scooter decks on the market and it truly makes riding your scooter enjoyable. The 82.5-degree head tube angle, along with the 19.75” long x 4.3” wide dimensions make this deck ideal for any intermediate to upper level rider! While the simplicity in the design and the lightweight feel also make it perfect for any beginner level scooter riders!

 Another excellent aspect of the District V4 scooter is the 110mm Eagle sport wheels that it comes equipped with. Eagle Sport Wheels are one of the original freestyle scooter wheel brands and they are also one of the industry’s leaders in scooter wheel technology! These bad boys will have you cruising at high speeds, with plenty of grip to the ground’s surface and enough durability to withstand all of your trials and tribulations. The wheels are definitely a huge plus, when purchasing this scooter.


One final upside to the District V4 is the Aluminum Alloy Bars that it comes equipped with. These bars are some of the lightest scooter handlebars on the market and their innovative design offers one of the most unique looks you’ll ever see! That same unique handlebar design offers excellent maneuverability when performing trick, as well as impeccable steering because of the wide bar design! If you are looking for a complete scooter with a sleek bar design, as opposed to the generic standard handlebars, than the District V4 complete scooter has what you need!

These are just a few of the key components that the District V4 scooter has to offer. It may be slightly more expensive than some of the other completes on the market, but with good reason. The District V4 Integrated Complete Scooter packs a punch!