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How To Extend The Life Of Your Scooter Wheels | Pro Scooter Shop

Scooter wheels are typically the main component on everyone’s scooter that needs replacing on a regular basis. This can be a frustrating thing to keep replacing because of the cost of a new pair of wheels. However, we at Pro Scooter Shop have a few strategies that can help you guys preserve the life of your wheels and get your money’s worth out of each pair that purchase!

 First of all, it is important to invest in high quality scooter wheels that you enjoy the feel of and that will withstand your day-to-day scooter endeavors. That goes without saying. The first step to preserving the life of your wheels is switching out your old pair with your new pair, strategically. You do not just want to slap on a new pair of wheels and ride as hard as you always do. The key is to put a new wheel on in the front, while keeping your old back wheel on until that new wheel in the front can get worn in. After a couple of weeks with the new wheel in the front you can move it to the back and install the other new wheel in the front of your scooter. This prevents your new back wheel from dehubbing easily.


The next step to preserving your scooter wheels is flipping them every two weeks to balance out the wear and tear of your wheels. Every scooter rider tends to keep their weight more to one side of their scooter than the other while riding, which causes the urethane to ware down more on one side of their wheels than the other. Flipping your wheels, just like they do with car tires, will balance out this ware down process and extend the life of your wheels!

These few tips should help preserve the life of your scooter wheels and, in the long run, save you money on scooter wheels. Give it a try next time you pick up a fresh set of wheels and let us know if this article helped you.