Tilt Scooters scooter fork axle - Tomahawk Nimbus Legacy

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F5 AXLE - by Tilt Scooters

The Flush 5 axle system is the next step in front end scooter technology. Designed specifically for flush fit, this axle does not protrude from the fork protecting you from snags and grabs while grinding. Precisely manufactured 5mm drives prolong life and minimize the tools needed.


Weight (24mm Length): 0.7oz
Allen Key: 5mm Drives
Material: Heat-treated alloy steel


Fork (24mm Length): Tomahawk, Nimbus, Legacy
Pegs: Not recommended

Not compatible with any other Tilt fork, or any other brand's fork.

NOTE:  No returns/refunds/exchanges.  If you're not sure if this will work with you Tilt fork, ask before buying.