Drone Helios 110mm

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The Helios 1 Hollow-Spoked Wheel builds on the success of the hollow-core design by adding the structural benefits of spokes.

This wheel is comprised of two pieces of hollow forged high grade 6061-T6 aluminum; CNC'd pressed together and finished with a low profile 88A compound PU.

The wheel itself boasts an oversized 86mm core meaning that the wheels are more rigid, improving feel and responsiveness . The new core size to PU ratio, and wall thickness means these wheels weight only 225g.

Coming pre-fitted with Drone Ultra-Sonix bearings, these wheels have unmatched speed and performance.

- innovative Hollow-Spoked core

- 110mm

- 88A PU hardness

- large 86mm core for increased rigidity

- weight: 225g per wheel (with bearings)

- wheels sold individually