The Muk Games - 2021

Another great pro scooter event in the books!  The Muk Games 2021 closes with some of the finest riders in the region!

Thank you to the riders that competed, to the families that supported them, and to all the volunteers that helped!

Division results below (apologies for misspelled names)

muk games 2021 beginner results
Intermediate Results
muk games 2021 intermediate results
Advanced Final Standings
muk games 2021 advanced final standings
Open Final Standings
muk games 2021 open final standings






Saturday, July 24th, 2021 - the Muk Games returns to the YMCA in Mukilteo!

(we reserve Sunday the 25th in case of weather)


It is not too late!  Register today!


Reservations required.  Three options to register and pay:

muk games scooter competition


Four divisions - judges will be watching warm ups and reserve the right to move you up or down, based upon skills.  We want to be fair to everyone that is competing.
  • Beginner - intended to give new riders an intro to be in a competition.  If you can do more than a couple tricks, this is not the division for you.
  • Intermediate - for those that can do several tricks and might be able to string a line together.  Riders in this division are not able to use all the park features.
  • Advanced - multiple tricks strung together in a complete line.  Can typically use all the park features and land most tricks most of the time.
  • Open - the best riders at the event.  Complex tricks and complex, technical lines that use the entire park and all the features.
There is no shade at The Muk, so you need to bring hats, sunscreen and extra waters!
Address:  10601 47th Pl W, Mukilteo, WA 98275
Phone:  (425) 493-9622
When:  Saturday, July 24th, 2021
Time:  10am (registration) to 3pm
YMCA layout
Jake Hershey (aka @nekbeard) is returning again this year to be the MC!  If you've met Jake or been at one of his events, you should be pumped!  If you haven't, then you are in for a treat.
jake hershey nekbeard
Competition starts at 10am sharp!
What:  Northwest Premier scooter competition.  4 divisions (beginner, intermediate, advanced, open), best tricks, raffles, cash prizes (at the Open level), food, drinks.
Where:  YMCA in Mukilteo
Main Sponsor:   Pro Scooter Shop (PSS)
Scoring:  Riders will be scored on the following:
  • Style
  • Technical skills
  • Use of park
  • Difficulty
Parents - here's what you want to know
Costs:  This is not for profit.  Costs are kept low so anyone/everyone can attend.  Fees collected go straight to the YMCA to cover costs.
Fun:  All day long!  We'll have music, food, beverages (no alcohol whatsoever!), giveaways.  And most of all scooter goodness!  Best tricks, local big-name riders, free time for scootering, and the competition!
What to bring:
Sunscreen and hats.  This is an outdoor park with no shade.  It can get hot, even in Seattle.
Chairs.  Seating is limited, and along the back wall.  Small camping or beach chairs are recommended.  There's not room for any large chairs.
A little extra cash.
What to expect:
We'll have a structured and organized event with plenty of activities to keep the scooter riders busy, and friends/family entertained.  We expect the event to start right at 10am, and end between 3-4pm.
Beginner riders will warm up and compete first, then intermediate, then advanced. Most kids want to stick around for the Pros.
Here's an idea of the schedule, but we'll adjust if needed:
10am:  Registration starts
10am:  welcome, announcements, how the day will run, food, sponsors, first aid, rest rooms
10:15am:  Beginner warm ups
10:30am Beginner runs
11:30:  Intermediate warm, raffles, best trick from beginner group
Noon-12:30pm:  Beginner awards, lunch
12:30-1:30:  Intermediate runs
1:30-1:45:   Advanced  warm up, intermediate awards
1:45-2:45:  Advanced runs
2:45-3:  Open warm ups
3-4:  Open runs
4-4:15:  Advanced and open awards
4:15:  best trick
4:30:  Closing

There is no governing body in the sport of pro scooters.  So that means that the standards for each and every competition may be different.  We try to give some guidelines as to what the judges will be looking for at the competitions that we organize.

Hope this helps!

Beginner division will have two 45 second runs.

Intermediate, Advanced and Open will have two 60 second runs.