Local Seattle artists | Seattle scooter pack artists

Thanks to the people below, we are able to provide a unique, Seattle area experience by having local artists express their talents.

Quincy Wagner (15): Quincy says she's "been drawing since birth." Her work has been published many times including her High School Newspaper where she is their Cover Artist. Quincy plans to be a professional animator and looks forward to college in a couple of years. 

Maisy Wagner (11): I got into cartooning in fourth grade and haven't stopped. I recently had my drawing selected for the back cover of our school yearbook! I love ballet and the arts overall. I am an "Artsy Kid!"

Melissa Reaves-Wagner (Gen X mom): I started cartooning at age nine with pieces of my work published here and there. I taught both my daughters the basic skills to cartoon, and they completely embraced it. We love to draw!


Hi! My name is Gaby and I live in Sammamish, Washington.  I go to Inglewood Middle School, and volleyball, drawing and being creative are my passions.  I have an adorable and crazy cat named Lola, and two stepbrothers, Andrew and Justin.  I love boating and swimming on Lake Sammamish with my family and friends.  Overall, my life is pretty awesome!