Scooter Drive - pro scooter donations for local organizations

August 2021

We just wrapped up a couple of scooter competitions.  One was held at the YMCA in Mukilteo.  They have an amazing staff and always help make the events run smoothly.  We like to give back to them by donating new or high-quality used complete pro scooters.

You can help!  For the remainder of August 2021, we will accept new or used complete pro scooters at the Pro Scooter Shop in Redmond.  We'll deliver them to the YMCA in early September.

What will be accepted:

Brand new scooters.  If you choose to buy a scooter at PSS, or any other local scooter shop, or online, and which to donate it.  We can provide you with the YMCA's 'in kind' donation form.

Used complete scooters.  These must be in working condition.  No broken parts.  You have to be able to ride the scooter, and it must be in safe, working condition.

What will not be accepted

Understand that we are trying to provide the Y with high quality pro style scooters.  Please do not drop off items if the shop is closed.

  • No gas scooters
  • No electric scooters
  • No fold up or adjustable scooters
  • No commuter scooters
  • No scooter parts of any kind, new, used, broken

Not sure?  Call first.  Do not just drop off unaccepted scooters or items.

When will donations be accepted

During the month of August, 2021.  No donations accepted after August 31st, 2021.

Thank you for helping a good cause and an amazing youth and community organization.

scooter drive

David, owner

Pro Scooter Shop