Pro Scooter repairs | Building custom scooter

Here is our current list of services and repairs we offer for pro scooters.  If you're unsure about our offerings, or don't see something you want, please contact us at our scooter shop in Redmond, WA, location.

Last update: July 1st, 2014

Shop rates are $60/hour with a $20 minimum. Other rates are noted below. Depending upon the service and how busy we are, often we can complete the work as a ‘walk in’. Otherwise, we will need 24 hours.

Service/repair work is not refundable.

Service or repair




Assemble a complete scooter

Have all the parts and components but want help putting it all together?  We can do that!

$60/hour, $20 minimum


Evaluate and tune up

Often referred to as ‘dialed’, PSS will provide a comprehensive scooter check. Think of this as the ’20 point car inspection’…for scooters

$20 flat rate for the evaluation and write up.

Parts are extra if you choose to have those replaced.

Buy the parts from PSS and we’ll discount the shop rate

Install starnut


$5 plus part


Install grips

Remove old grips and install new grips



Install wheel bearings




Install headset

Remove old and install new headset



Install brakes




Install new scooter deck

You've researched all the scooter decks, made your purchase, and now need just a little help?  We can do that!


If you buy a deck from PSS, 50% discount on the labor to install the new one

Install pegs (two pegs)


$10 plus hardware

Almost all require a longer, threaded axle

Cuts bars




Smooth the deck

File down the rough edges on the bottom of the deck, allowing for better grinding



Install grip tape

Install new pro scooter grip tape

Inquire at shop

Grip tape has some challenges, depending upon the adhesive used by the manufacturer.

Build custom scooter

We can help you price the various parts you’re looking for and then give you a final estimate if you want us to build it too.

Inquire at shop



Thank you!

Pro Scooter Shop Team - Gary, Ryan, Noah and David