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We carry a full line of top brand pro scooters including Lucky, MGP, Sacrifice, District, Phoenix, Dominator.  Parts, service, repairs and custom completes round out our offerings.  Here are a links to some of our more popular pages.  You can always contact us directly, too, with any questions.

Lets start with building your own custom scooter from our large select of scooter parts.  The core component is the scooter deck; from there you can pick the rest.  Then you can go to headsets, brakes, scooter wheels, grip tape.  We also carry shims, clamps and a large selection of scooter bars.  Finish off your custom scooter with grips.

Looking for a complete scooter?  Got you covered there, easy.  If you're ready to graduate from your Razor to your first pro scooter, check out our blog post to get started.  MGP, Dominator and Grit all carry excellent entry level pro scooters.

Our specialties, though, are mid- and high-end pro scooters.  Lucky Scooters, District, Sacrifice, Phoenix, Envy and Crisp have superb completes, as well as top quality, strong scooter parts.

Some manufacturers offer only scooter parts, not completes.  Tilt, Proto, Ethic, River, name just a few.

Just have questions or want to talk scooters?  Call, mail or better yet, come into the shop in Redmond, Way.  We can walk through the list of scooter services.

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