Pro Scooter wheels - buy one get one free

Yep, buy one pro scooter wheel and get the 2nd exact same wheel for free!  We're currently overstocked on a large variety of scooter wheels, so we're going to pass along this great deal to you.  Select any one wheel from the choices below, and get its twin for free.  No tricks, no gimmicks.  Just a 2nd wheel for free.  No reason not to buy one, right?!

Oh, wait!  PSS puts bearings in all the wheels we sell!  So, yah.

Limited quantities and our promotion won't last forever, act fast!  And we have only one of some wheels, so be prepared to pick a 2nd unmatched wheel.

Sale ends midnight, January 10th, 2016!

Lucky, Phoenix, Grit, Crisp, Ethic, Envy, Rogue, Eagle.  Even our own PSS 'cheap wheels'!   100mm, 110mm and you might even find a few 125mms!

Once we run out, that's it!  No substitutions for wheels not included.


Sorry, there are no products in this collection