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Madd Gear scooters, or MGP scooters, and their line of scooters.  They continue to improve each year, with a one of the best range of scooters, from entry level to extreme street.

VX8 (and a few VX7) now at Pro Scooter Shop!  Madd Gear has done it again..redesign of their pro scooters bringing yet again another amazing line up.  

History - here's what we said about the VXn lines:

Madd Gear offers and extensive line of well designed scooters, which are forged with top quality manufacturing processes in order to provide the best ride for riders of all levels. The Madd Gear Flow scooter provides a great and durable base for riders who are ready to have their first park experiences. The VX4 Team is the ideal scooter for young riders who have begun to really explore the world of freestyle riding, and the VX4 Nitro and MGP She Devil are some of the most elite scooter product offerings available on the market. Madd Gear has established itself as a leader in the world of pro scootering and is recognized for their durable, long-lasting products. 

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