Lucky Scooters on sale

We have the nation's largest selection of previous year's Lucky Scooters on sale!  Arguably the best quality complete pro scooters, and we have the Crew, Prospect, Covenant and Evo at amazing prices!

For the transition from Razor scooters, or for the first time rider, the Lucky Crew is the best entry level pro scooter.  Clean design, street-style Tbars and a young-shredder sized deck, the black hi-liter Lucky Crew is perfect.

Looking for a bit more style?  The Lucky Prospect is the step up from the Crew in terms of style and design.  Available in several fresh colors, including Neo Gold, green, Polished, and black with teal accents.  A little more coin than the Crew, but style does come as a cost.

Need more than an entry level?  The Lucky Covenant is the best selling Lucky scooter...ever!  Compare to its two smaller siblings, the Covenant has taller and wider bars, a smidge longer deck and frankly, just lot more attitude.  If you're not shy, the Covenant is for you.

Almost every family has a patriarch.  Lucky family of pro scooters is no different.  The Lucky Evo stands above, with massive Tbars, a 5" wide deck, and monstrous 120mm wheels for speed and clearance.  Ride the Evo and you set yourself apart.


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