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Envy complete Pro Scooters are available at Pro Scooter Shop.

The new S8, released in November of 2019, continues to be a the top selling complete scooter.



Some history...

Envy has had one of our top selling scooters, the Envy Prodigy, for the last five years running.  I'll tell you why a bit further on.  But let's take a look at the family of Envy scooters we carry...Envy Colt, Envy Prodigy and Envy Heist.  We do carry the Soul and Charge, too, but we'll cover those another day. 

Starting with the Envy Colt.  A simple, clean, sturdy scooter for the young riders moving up from smaller scoots.  Colt weighs in at 7.8lbs (3.5kgs), made up of 110mm wheels, 19.5"x4.75" deck and 23.5" tall by 20.5" wide bars.  The colorways are simple (at the time of this update), with red, green, teal and black.  Great step up from the 'razor' type scooters.

Envy Prodigy, as stated above, is the best selling scooter last two years.  It weighs 8.1lbs (3.7kgs), has 120mm wheels, a 19.5"x4.75" deck, and bars that are 24.5" tall by 21" wide.  (if you're keeping track, the Prodigy has taller and wider bars, and bigger wheels, than the Colt).  I think what makes the Prodigy so popular are a few things; taller but not heavy, 120mm wheels (they look good and roll quite well) and the colors.  Candy, Splatter, Oil Slick, Gold Bandana...who doesn't love those?!?

The Envy King of Spades (KOS) Heist rounds out the family we carry.  It weighs 7.5lbs (3.4kgs) which is lighter than the smaller Colt and Prodigy.  They do this by using aluminum bars which are lighter, but just as sturdy.  The deck is 20" long by 4.75" wide, and comes with 120mm hollow core wheels.  The aluminum bars measure 25" tall by 22.5" wide.  The Heist, as of this writing, comes in just the Oil Slick color.

Hope that helps!  Swing by the Pro Scooter Shop and check out the Envy family of pro scooters.

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