Envy Prodigy complete pro scooters

Envy complete Pro Scooters are available at Pro Scooter Shop.

 Series 9, or S9, complete scooters from Envy have arrived! 

The skinny on the S9 Prodigy park model...

NEW 6 Series Aluminum Forged Diamond IHC fork- Compatible up to 125 x 30mm wheels.

Total Height: 880mm/34.6”, Total Length: 690mm/27.2” and Foot Space: 340mm/13.4”

Aluminum Reaper Style bars – Height: 620mm/24.4” high x 560mm/22” wide (including Bar Ends) and comes with 160mm long TPR hand grips with nylon ends


The new S8, released in November of 2019, continues to be a the top selling complete scooter.



Some history...

From the beginning Envy/Blunt has been creating some of the world's most popular pro scooters.  The Prodigy has been one of our best selling scooters for several years.  Why?

High quality - solid, sturdy parts across the board

Style and color - keeping the looks relevant and update just about every year

Innovative - engineering with new parts and modified parts, like deck cut outs, aluminum bars.


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