Custom Pro Scooters | My custom scooter

Freshly built!  PSS builds the filthiest custom pro scooters around!

Here's the deal about custom pro scooters.  We believe that YOU should design YOUR sled.  Your ideas, your personality, your style.  We just get to be lucky enough to build it for you.

Remember, PSS is not just an online site.  We are a FULL SERVICE, retail store.  Real, talented, professional, knowledgeable employees AND riders that know scooters.

Want to see our gallery of sold custom scooters?  Check it out here....

These sell fast! 

Trust us to build your dream scooter!

Once in awhile, we also build a custom, just for fun.  Well, and for sale, too!  The list below are ones that we've built and sold.

Looking for a one-of-a-kind custom pro scooter?  We have them!  Our custom built scooters are assembled right in our Redmond retail shop by some of the industry's most knowledgeable scooter riders.  We use top quality parts from industry leaders like Tilt Scooters, Proto Wheels, Lucky Scooters, Ethic DTC and more.  And best of all, we'll build yours for you!  Send us a complete list of parts and we'll research and send you back a quote.  Looking for a pre-built custom scooter?  Take at look at these...