Burglary on October 10 2018

At 1:58am on October 10th, 2018, two dirtbags burglarized our shop in Redmond, WA.  Below are links to the videos.  We're also listing the scooters they stole from us, in case you see them around the area.


Contact the Redmond, WA, police department if you have any information.  Case 18-005480.

Thank you!


Description and pictures of six stolen scooters

2018 Custom build pro scooter – red model

2018 Envy Prodigy pro scooter – candy version


2018 Phoenix Sequel pro scooter – black model

2018 Phoenix Session pro scooter – blue/teal model

2018 Envy Heist pro scooter

2018 Lucky Crew pro scooter – graphite/green model

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