5Starr Pro Scooters

Pro Scooter Shop is proud to carry the 5Starr Scooters line up, including the cra cra Sector5 complete!

In their own words...

"5Starr Scooters was officially launched in 2011, and ever since day one, we have worked feverishly on becoming a company that builds its reputation on quality, integrity and ethics. Starting about 15 years ago, before we ever even thought about forming 5Starr, we too were consumers of scooter products. This exposure to the ever changing products and the emerging sport sparked an interest, which became a thought, that evolved into an idea and finally manifested into what is now, 5Starr Scooters.

We are focused on designing and manufacturing quality scooters and scooter parts, all while operating by our credo and namesake, 5Starr. We are committed to our vision, our products, our riders, our customers and everyone in the scooter community. We are excited at what the future holds for  freestyle scootering, be it park riders, street riders or dirt riders, the possibilities are endless. We hope to not only make a positive mark in the industry as a brand, but as advocates for the sport of freestyle scootering on every level."

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