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The Best Pro Kids Scooter Built to Last

Lucky Scooters has become well known for it's quality pro scooter parts and complete scooters within the scootering industry since 2008!

While they are notorious for their perfectly designed Prospect Complete, which is geared toward par riders. They have transferred that technology to a small but mighty setup found in the Recruit Mini Pro Scooter!Lucky Recruit Mini Pro Kids Scooter - Main View

This scooter is the perfect for parents looking for something their young one can throw around and not have to worry about replacing it after a month!

The Recruit Mini Pro Scooter come equipped with the 'Lucky Lunar 110mm 86a' wheels which have been ridden by experienced athletes such as Chris Farris (2022 World Champion), Cody Flom (2021 World #2), and Youtube sensation Tanner Fox. Not only that but this scooter is packed with so many other parts that are built to last. 

Lucky Recruit Mini Pro Kids Scooter - Bottom View

So what are you waiting for? If you are in the market for a high quality kids scooter for your young one to be able grow in their balance abilities or critical thinking skills, then the Lucky Recruit Mini Pro Scooter is for you!