Scooter parts for building a custom pro scooter

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Scooter parts for building a custom pro scooter

Hey there!  We get quite a few questions similar to this:

"My son/daughter wants to build a custom scooter.  Is that possible?  Are all the parts compatible?  What parts are needed?"

If this is you, or you're the son/daughter, we can help.  This first article will focus on what parts you need to build your own custom pro scooter.  Future posts will cover more details about each of the parts, like bars, forks and decks.  So let's get started...

Here's the quick list of parts you'll need.  Additional info can be found below.

  1. Deck
  2. Fork
  3. Headset
  4. Wheels
  5. Bars
  6. Grips
  7. Griptape
  8. Clamp or compression system

Deck - the part of the scooter that you stand on.  Most custom builds start with the deck and the build out from there.  Things to consider; width, length, boxed-end or not.

Fork - does two things; holds the bars so you can turn and holds the front wheel.  Two basic types of forks; HIC/SCS or IHC.  Don't get caught up in the acronyms.  Just remember this:  HIC/SCS goes with oversized bars, IHC goes with either standard sized bars or aluminum bars.

Headset - bearings/spacers/dust cover all to help the bars spin smoothly.  Almost all are compatible across brands.  Most come with a spacer for HIC/SCS forks.  IHC forks typically come with their own headset spacer.


Wheels - no explanation needed, right?  Well...Things to consider; diameter size (100mm, 110mm, 120mm, 125mm), rim type (spoked, hollow core, full core), bearings (measured by ABEC tolerance).  Decks and forks need to support the diameter size.

Bars - what you use to steer your scooter.  Things to consider:  Height, width, material (steel, titanium, aluminum), straight Tbar or with design, backsweep or not.  Forks and bars need to be compatible.  Remember the fork note:  Oversized bars go with HIC/SCS forks, standard size and aluminum bars go with IHC forks.

Grips - the soft rubber things that you hold onto.  These slide on to your bars.  Things to consider; length, thickness, softness.


Griptape - sandpaper-like material that adheres to the deck and keeps your feet from sliding off the deck.  Things to consider; width, length, gritty-ness, color, design.

Clamp or compression system - the part that secures the bars to the fork.  Things to consider; outside diameter of your bars.  For clamps, oversized clamps fit oversized bars or aluminum bars.  Standard-sized clamps fit standard-sized diameter bars.  Another type of system is called SCS and this system includes both the clamping mechanism and the system that secures the bars.



Headsets are common sizes and fit 99.9% of all decks.

Aluminum bars are STANDARD sized on the inside and OVERSIZED on the outside.  Most customs that use aluminum bars use an IHC fork and an oversized clamp.

Grips come with bar ends.  Some grips come with two sets of bar ends; a set for aluminum bars and another set for all other bars.

OK, let's stop here.  We've thrown a lot of info at you.  Read over it again.  And call if you have questions.

Thank you!

Pro Scooter Shop team