Root Industries - The Pursuit of Perfection

In Australia, the sport of scootering has become as common of a pastime as surfing. Along with the scooter scene exploding ‘down under’, incredible companies pop up, such as Apex, MGP, and Native scooters. Root Industries has recently boosted into the scene more than ever before. For years, riders around the globe have ridden their extremely popular “Air” wheels, a hollow-core wheel, and over the past few years, they have added many more products to their name. They have expanded their wheel range, branching into an 8-spoke design along with the innovative ‘honeycore’ design, the lightest wheel on the market. Signature wheels have been included for four of their team riders: Clayton, Derek, Dylan, and Sean, with a discontinued signature from Dakota Schuetz, though not team rider. Along with wheels, they have added handlebar grips, clamps, forks, and headsets to their range. Yet to be released is the long awaited ‘Air’ deck, coming in with multiple width and length options to suit the riders needs. The deck has gone through many stages of rigorous testing, with different designs being tested by some of the toughest riders around the world. Root has an incredibly talented roster for their team. With only six riders, Root has chosen some of the best from around the world, such as Clayton Lindley (US), Derek Marr (US), and Sean Williams (AU). With them are Zeidon White (AU), Shahfiq (SG), and rounding it out is Dylan Ryan (AU). Root has incorporated riders of all styles, ages, and experience, with Derek being only 15! Root Industries has given innumerable riders around the world to advance their skills on trustworthy and cost-effective parts for years, and plan to continue to do so. In every shop, Root Industries products are in and out of the door extremely quickly as they are so popular. At Pro Scooter Shop, we only have wheels in stock right now, so make sure to pick them up before they’re gone! And remember, stay safe!
January 25, 2018 by John Dias
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