North Scooters and their Transit deck

While our “sport”, revolving around two hunks of urethane and a couple pieces of metal, increases in popularity, more and more riders from around the world continue to gain interest and join the scene. Throughout the years of growth for the industry, scootering has primarily been dominated by riders and companies based in America, Australia, and western Europe. Recently, however, more groups of riders have begun to spring up on the maps. North Scooters has certainly came straight out of the blue, stunning everyone with their quick and very successful arrival into the big leagues; manufacturing parts on the same level and quality as the very best in the game. Based out of Alberta, Canada, North began to seriously consider making scooters in 2015. Mark Pritchard, owner, launched North with the help of Ethan Howell as his product designer and team manager. Over the past two years, Ethan, also known as “Sneethan” or “Sneeth”, has continued to develop fantastic products including everything from handlebar grips to a variety of five unique complete scooters. The most recent innovation at North Scooters happens to be the new Transit Deck. This deck, coming in at a whopping 5.3 inches wide and either 22 or 23 inches long, is currently one of the biggest decks available on the market. With a variety of color choices, the Transit comes in black, raw, trans-red, forest green, and most importantly the “Junebug”, a teal-ish matte color. Other than colors, the Transit comes with either the basic extruded headtube, a cheaper simpler option, or the beautifully 3D forged headtube, signature for Lachlan Gauchier. As well as making quality scooter parts, North has assembled a team of 12 main team riders, five of which from Canada. The Transit decks are flying off of the shelves just as fast as they are placed on them, so make sure to go get one before they are gone!