Lightest pro scooter yet...

Light, light, light!  That's pretty much what many kids want...a light scooter.  Forget color, style, brands.  We build a lot of custom scooters, and we weigh them.  What's the lightest scooter we've built to date?  6.2 pounds.  And here's the parts list:

  • Deck:  Ethic Pandemonium 19.3" (490mm) black
  • Bars:  Lucky Ti (titanium) kink oversized cut down to 23" tall and 21" wide
  • Fork:  Aztek Circa v2 black
  • Wheels:  Root Industries Honeycore 110mm black on black
  • Grips:  ODI softies black
  • Headset:  Tilt integrated black (not the tall stack)
  • Clamp:  Lucky double oversized black
  • Griptape:  all black MOB
  • HIC kit:  Root industries