Adult Scooters | Are you ready?

In our local world of too much traffic, crowded parking lots, and almost fanatical desire to be kind to Mother Earth, we’re always on the lookout for alternatives to commuting. So what’s trending now might surprise you: Scooters.

Yep, Scooters. They’ve been around for decades but have always played second fiddle to skateboards and bikes. Not anymore. With the introduction of pro scooters several years ago, they have taken off globally as a sport, and are quickly becoming the recreational choice for kids and teens at the local skate parks.

And now they can also help you get to work.

Young professionals are beginning to use scooters to travel between office buildings in Redmond, Bellevue and Seattle. The scooter’s compact design makes it easy to pack up when not in use or when hopping on the bus, which makes the link between home and the bus quicker and easier. And these aren’t electric scooters. Instead, they rely on good old-fashioned foot power. But far from old-fashioned, these new scooters have an attitude.

We caught up with Aaron, a local Creative Director, who rides the 5Starr Rebel: “I have to say, I love the urban scooters. There so much fun to get around town on. That in and of itself is worth it.”

Today’s scooters are a larger, more stable version of the kid’s scooters: taller handle bars, a wider deck to stand on, and larger wheels that tolerate uneven surfaces better. Some even come with beverage holders.

If you’re looking for something that will turn heads, then the Urban, or Dirt Scooter, is for you. Built from high-grade metal with rugged tires and a healthy dose of attitude.


dirt scooterdirt scooter

Looking for something a little more conservative?  We're now carrying a line of adult scooters by Globber.  Check out this video: