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VX6 pro scooters from Madd Gear action sports

Every year MGP (Madd Gear Pro) comes out with a new line of scooters and it never disappoints. This year is no different. MGP just dropped the new VX6 line and it is nothing short of awesome. They’ve done it again with the wild graphics, the loads of colors, and the strong scooter parts. The VX6 comes in four different completes and countless different colors. All the scooters are stronger then the VX5’s and look a ton better.

And the decks...oh my!

vx6 pro scooter decks madd gear action sports


We could lecture you with all the parts every complete has but we’d be here for days. Thankfully MGP has prepared a video for every VX6 scooter. Watch those videos and decide which complete you’re going to get, they all ROCK.


Just like all the best completes in the industry, PSS will have VX6 available and in stock. Order NOW -