International Scooter Association 2016

ISA Competitions

It’s that time of year again. ISA (International Scooter Association) holds the biggest and best competitions in the industry. They have qualifying rounds and then a national final for those countries and after that they have the world final. Last year the world final was held in Barcelona, Spain and this year they’re doing the same thing! Thousands of thousands of people showed up at last year’s event and this year is supposed to be even bigger! Extreme Barcelona is not only a scooter competition but it’s a festival that includes skateboarding, BMX riding, and so much more! If you live in Spain or have the opportunity to attend I highly suggest you do, it’s an experience you’ll never forget.

Some of the dates and such for various competitions have not yet been announced but I’m sure they will be soon. You can see all the info on the ISA by clicking HERE