Scooters for under $150

A scooter in your budget.  While prices don't vary often, just a disclaimer that if the manufacturers make changes, we're bound by our agreement to reflect the new pricing.  

Updated December 7th, 2018!

It seems like scooters are just going up and up in price nowadays. Well we know that not everyone can afford a top of the line scooter so that’s why we pride ourselves in selling a HUGE selection of affordable scooters! Read below to find out some info on the scooters you can pick up for under $150…

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First up is the small entry level scooter, Grit Fluxx.  $129.99

Crisp Blaster is a solid entry level with a 'street' look.  $109.99 fits any budget!


Envy makes the popular Colt S3.  Now listed at $119.99

Overall if you’re looking for a scooter that’s under $150, we got you covered!

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